developing software with a personal touch

made by craftsmen

Craftbox are capable of delivering services spanning strategy, web design and development and major mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Ideas & Products

More than software development, we work as partners in creating new ideas and products.

Software Craftmanship

We are a talented team of experts in software development. We are passionate and obsessed with quality.


We conduct trainings for teams wishing to qualify in developing mobile applications: native development for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

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André Piegas

"After many a lesson learned and many years of experience in software development, we came to the conclusion that we needed to get out of our comfort zone and fight for a dream. The dream of working correctly, of being transparent and honest and of taking pride in work well done. Thus, we created Craftbox, a company without managers, with people who are responsible for the results. "

Bárbara Borba

"Craftbox utilizes an entrepreneurial spirit, a relentless mind, and truly seeks quality and transparency in its purpose. What I found here at Craftbox, and in the people that work here, are ideals that move me. The feeling of being in the right place, and doing the right thing, inspires Craftbox to keep evolving."

Eduardo Costa

"Craftbox was born from the idea ofworking in a company that is what people would call “ideal”, but that the market does not follow for various reasons. It was chance that brought people with these same ideas together and allowed the creation of the company, whose means and goals are to improve the quality of life of people who work here."

Jiéverson Maissiat

"There are times in life when you need to make decisions. You must choose to stay either in your comfort zone or to fight for your ideals. I have chosen to make the difference with Craftbox, turning ideas into dreams. Creativity, truth and transparency are the characteristics that give us the strength to move on."

At Craftbox we pride ourselves in build products successful. If you’re looking for your product to be taken to the next level, contact us.

Porto Alegre

Bairro Menino Deus
Rua Barão do Gravataí, 244, cj. 306 Mapa

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